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Things You Need To Know Before Trading Forex.1. platform usage : you must know what forex is all about and how to use the platform to must know all the different kind of platforms that exist and the one that best suit you.2. find a good broker : see a lot of brokers are scam.some will not give you your money if you have consistent serious profits, some have a high spread such that the amount deducted from your money as you place a trade is much. if you trade short time in such conditions you will not really gain or you may lose. the best way to choose a good broker is to search for those that are regulated by standard disciplinary organization. those that are regulated state it on their website. also learn more about dealing desk and non dealing desk brokers.if you can trade directly to the market it is better than going through any desk.3. Trading system. for me when i started i dream of a system that can double my account every looks like it doesnt exist after many losses but right know i have a trading system that does more than that in a month. though i got it few month ago and i am ready to sell if you want as i have decided to show the proof by opening a demo account called PROOF OF MY TRADING SYSTEM. i will start pasting from next week to see the consistency in profit. what i am trying to say is that you have to have a trading system that works atleast 7-9 out of 10 trades. and it must be simple to system is the soul of trading followed by your emotions.4. your emotions: please guard against fear, trust your trading system. there is no 100% perfect trading system but you need to learn to take both profit and loses as long as your trading system delivers more profit than loss.also be patient enough to let your profit run. you must posses a system that define an entry and closing point. dont revenge. when you lose wait for another good opportunity, infact at that time you need be patient and be double sure before trading. rememeber let your profit run and cut your losses. make sure you dont trade against trend as THE TREND IS YOUR FREIND. thank



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